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Beauty Suites in Virginia Beach | 3 Reasons to Start Your Own Beauty Business | The Lash CEO Studios

Let's dig into the 3 Reasons to Start Your Own Beauty Business with The Lash CEO Suites today!

Starting a beauty business can be exciting, no doubt about it! But don't be fooled by IG 'bosses' telling you it's a breeze, and if you build it they will come ideas. Yes, there are plenty of magical benefits to owning your own business, but the challenges you'll face on your CEO journey can be many. Our mission is to pour as much of our experience into every "Suitee CEO" so that they have thee best opportunity to grow, thrive and create their best beauty business here in Virginia Beach!

Reason #1

You're the CEO. Create a schedule that fits your lifestyle and goals, while offering the services and pricing that pays you what you're worth. While being in a supportive suite environment of like-minded beauty entrepreneurs.

Reason #2

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Volume Eyelash Extensions

Make more money with no commission splits. Keep 100% of your profits, and set price points that cater to the clientele you want to attract. Our affordable rent covers the amenities so you can enjoy your suite.

Reason #3

Get More Clients Typically when you lease a beauty suite in Virginia Beach you're left to figure out how to bring clients to your business. You may have been told to use social media, or advertise, or hand out your business cards. But when you lease with The Lash CEO Studio Suites Virginia Beach, we bring You client leads so you can focus on serving those clients and growing! Our studio routinely shows up in the top 3 (organic non paid)spots in Google searches, which gives You an advantage of getting new clients and building clientele.

We'd love the opportunity to show you around our studio, and see if we may be a good fit. Schedule your tour today.

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