Your Perfect Brow Map


Did you hear the one about how 90% of ladies are wearing the wrong bra??

Well something like 80% of women ( and men by default) are wearing

the wrong eyebrow shape! 


Eyebrows that are too thin, too thick, too far apart, over tweezed

plucked and/or waxed are not only unflattering...they age you in the

worst way. 


Even if you decide to go to another stylist to shape or groom your eyebrows, 

you should be well versed in your Perfect Eyebrow Shape. The one that

flatters your facial features and breathes life into your overall appearance. 


Purchase The Perfect Brow Map consultation here locally in Virginia Beach, VA 

or via email. Simply take a snapshot of your fresh face, send it to us...and in return we'll send you a Perfectly Complete Brow Map created exclusively for You! 


Your Perfect Brow Map will show you the perfect shape for you! Then come

see us for your Perfect Brow Shape with either, 3D Feather Brows, Brow Tinting, or Eyebrow Extensions. Either way we can shape the natural brows you have, and show you what your natural shape should look like.