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Brows for the Win!

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When I set out for NYC  4 years ago to learn how to serve others with Brow Artistry, I had no idea how my journey would lead me here. With over 1200 sets of brows and counting, and now with 6 different Microblading trainings under my belt; I can say with full passion... I love serving others with the gift of brows & confidence. 


Creatively giving others the brows there were born with, that Mother Nature has slowly taken away, or brows that have been the victim of over zealous tweezers or a waxing. 


I decided to launch an initiative that I hope will help give even more people the brows they've always wanted, or the brows they were born with. 

Brows for the Win

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If we've never met before or if you're already a client of already know...I live, breathe, and obsess brows! 

Whether they're my clients or I just Want them to be! My goal is to enhance as many brows as I can...and give everyone a beautifully confident look with a pair of brows that not only suits their facial features but that gives them the confidence to take on their world!

So I started to think...what if I could create a brow makeover show that takes those unfamiliar with the option of Microblading, Brow Shaping and/or Brow Tinting, create their perfect brows, and then share their journey with the world!   

Think of it as the brow version of What Not to You Have Brows...But Can I Make Them Wow Brows! 

A Beautifully Fresh Take on Brow Confidence! 

I want to educate and create the perfect brows for anyone who is needing a brow do-over. Or maybe your futile effort  of  "growing your brows out" for a year...has shown no real growth?

 Yep I want your brows! 

Ideally, the web show will focus on educating my clients/cast on the right shape for their face and why it matters so much, and how they can achieve that ideal shape with either Microblading, a good brow shaping or even brow tinting.


While showing them how they can feel confident, beautiful and strong with the right pair of brows on their face! Brows can absolutely do that!

So here's where you the client/cast come in:

  • I'd like to work with you if you'd like a brow makeover with Microblading, Brow Shaping or Brow Tinting. Not sure what Microblading is, Click Here to be sure you're a good fit for the service. 

  • You are willing to be filmed during your appointment

  • Willing to share your brow story and reason why you decided to come see me. 

  • You're ready to have Fabulously Amazing brows that last up to 12 months*!         *if we do Microblading

  • Be willing to do a video testimonial for online media. 

What you enjoy in return:

$100 off of your Microblading session with me and a gorgeous set of brows that will make you feel beautiful and confident...and co-workers and girlfriends completely jealous!





How to Apply

Fill in the form below, share why you want to have a Brow Do-Over,  and then upload 2 pictures. 

1. Of how you fill your brows in. Please ensure pictures are clean, non blurry and up close, as shown above. 

2. Your natural fresh face brows

Thanks! Message sent.

Add Your Brow Pictures
Add Your Brow Pictures
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