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Microblading aftercare

Trusting Rickina or Liz to enhance your eyebrows using our signature Hyper Real technique, will give you an amazingly natural set of eyebrows. But maintaining them and taking care of your investment by following our aftercare for your Nano Brows Microblading is an essential part of your final healed results. 

While our aftercare may not follow mainstream media, in our experience our regimen has proven to lead to the most natural healed results, while prolonging color retention and outcome. We encourage all of clients to please follow our aftercare instructions to ensure your best possible results. 



Immediately following your Microblading appointment

In an effort to minimize the occurrence of scabbing, use gauze and water to lightly dab your brows about once every hour for the next 3-4 hours. We will provide you with gauze and water in your Microblading Aftercare kit, to take with you upon completion of your appointment. 

Days 1-7

Gently washing your eyebrows in the shower is acceptable and recommended. Clean skin creates the ideal environment for smooth healing.  

With clean hands or clean applicator, apply our Brow Balm to your eyebrows at least once or twice a day. This is to promote healing and to protect the brows. Use enough for a light layer on the brows, you don't need much. 

The Brow Balm does have a low melting point so be aware if you keep it in a warm pocket, or in your car for extended periods of time. It will melt, but regain it's consistency upon cooling again. 

Days 8-14 Microblading Aftercare

The surface of the eyebrows should be healed, but healing is still taking place below the surface. Regular cleansing is acceptable at this time, but some ingredients should not be used around the eyebrows, such as:

AHA's or BHA's
Gritty or Harsh exfoliators

Here are also some things to avoid during these days of healing:

  • Touching your brows area except when washing or applying aftercare ointment.

  • Scratching, picking or peeling the brow area, as this can cause scarring and/or pigment loss and patchy healing.

  • Applying any makeup, moisturizer, lotion, to your eyebrows.

  • Sun exposure - sun tanning - salon tanning

  • Laser or chemical peels, and any other form of exfoliation.

  • Long, hot baths or showers - jacuzzis - saunas - swimming
    Please also note that excess alcohol and smoking can slow down healing. 

Quick Things to Know:

1. Your appointment will take up to 2 hours. 

2. Results vary greatly from client to client. 

3. Please do not expect your results to look like a friends, a co workers, or anyone's. You are unique, your results are unique, and if you're expecting your results to look identical to someone else's, I'm not the artist for you. 

4. During the first 4 weeks of your initial appointment your brows will go through MANY changes, this is NORMAL! 

5. Most of my clients carry on about their day right after leaving the salon. Downtime is very minimal. 

6. I've been providing Microblading since 2015, and have served over 2500 sets of brows!

7. Your Touchup Session in 4-8 weeks is separate from your first session. 

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After 2 weeks
During this phase the brows may heal and then look as if your newly created strokes are gone. Please do not panic this is another way the skin is healing. Your softened strokes will re-emerge in the next few days, and will now be resting just below the surface, while revealing a softer more natural appearance. 

In the coming weeks, it will be about time to return for your 4-6 week follow up Microblading touch up, and we can address any fading that has happened, or tweek any style or design attributes that you'd like. 


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aftercare microblading, virginia beach microblading
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