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By Rickina & Mallory

Lashes XX 

A custom set of classic eyelash extensions to add thickness, and length beyond your natural lashes. The most common requested full set. This set is a one eyelash extension applied to one natural eyelash. 




Volume Lash Set - Provided only with Rickina

Most expressive dramatic look for crazy beautiful lash length and volume. Perfect for the Hampton Roads Brides, special occasions or events.



Please note not all clients' natural lashes can safely handle a volume or dramatic set of lash extensions. IF your lashes are sparse, weak or unhealthy from previously poor application of lashes, this set will not be applied. 


Lash Fill In 

$70 with 40% left

Must have at least half of your lashes left

Volume Fill In

$95 with at least 40% left

Fill In Full Set Not Done @The Lash CEO

$85 with at least 40% 

Not every lash application will qualify for this fill in please ask for details first

~Please note your fill in time begins once your undereye shields are in place. If your lashes need extensive cleaning this will count towards your appointment time. 


To ensure you receive the best possible set or fill in, please arrive with NO MASCARA, OR WAX BASED EYELINER ON.~


****Please note you must have at least 40% of your lashes left for a fill in. The image below is a great example of 50% remaining***


Lash Removal

$45 full set applied by Rickina or Mallory

$55 applied by another stylist

50% left