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Brow Lamination What Is It? | The Lash CEO | Virginia Beach

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

You've heard of it...Brow Lamination but you may be asking yourself what is it? There's definitely no shortage of new beauty techniques and services that seem to pop up everyday. But brows have really become center stage lately. Especially in the age of masking up to do well... just about everything.

Brow Lamination is a multi step service where your eyebrow specialist will open your eyebrow hair cuticle so that it can be manipulated into a desired style. Similar to when you get your hair colored, permed or straightened. The concept is the same.

In order to change how hair behaves the cuticle must be opened and exposed. Whether it's adding color, changing its structure to curl it or straighten it. Eyebrow lamination is the same process.

With a multi step process we first use a water based adhesive to lay the brow hair in an upwards direction, so that it can be shaped, and styled as we desire. Then the first lamination step is to add a serum to open the cuticle shaft. This is typically left on for about 4-6 minutes. Depending on the product used your brow artist may or may not cover your eyebrows with a warm compress or clear wrap.

The next step is to remove the serum and apply a neutralizing cream so that the lifting process stops. This step is typically left on for 5 minutes. If the lifting serum is left on too long it will 'cook' or 'fry' the hair which looks crinkled and lifeless, or curled waay too much. You may have seen this happen with old style of Lash Lifting. If left on too long the end result is hair that is damaged and will need to grow out and replenish. Our Lift services has Keratin added in both our lash services and brow lamination service.

The improved lifting products now add on a Keratin step after neutralizing so that the hair is nourished and showered with protein to help the cuticle close up and seal again. This step is crucial so that the hair is given a boost to close back up and regain its integrity of strength.

If you're getting your eyebrows tinted your brow artist may opt to tint your eyebrows next, or she may choose to release your brows from their adhesion and comb, brush and style them.

I like to do it this way so that I can see the shape of their natural eyebrows without tint first. I use an eyebrow razor, tweezers, and a brow spoolie so that I can shape, and groom the eyebrows into a beautifully natural looking shape. I prefer the more natural shape, vs the brushed up 'awake' shape, as my clients tend to prefer looking more natural, than Instagrammy :-)

Taking care of your new laminated eyebrows is a snap, just try to keep them dry till the next day. Once you shower with them, you can use your brow spoolie to brush and style them as you like. Now they're easy to manipulate, giving you easy mornings.

Most of my clients return once every 2 months to have them groomed, laminated and styled again. By this time most of your eyebrows have grown out, and new ones are in their place. You'll usually notice, because they begin to behave more stubbornly.

If you're getting a tint as well, the tint tends to last up to 2 weeks, sometimes less sometimes more. Just depends on if your stylist tinted more of your brow hair or your skin. Skin tends to not like to retain tinting as well as hair, just a side note.

So what do ya think? You ready to give your brows a gorgeous boost, with little to not maintenance to maintain? Book Now with us, we're happy to serve you!

Our Brow Lamination is $105 and that includes brow shaping, and Tinting.

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